Thursday, March 31, 2016 - clearance rip off!

I stumbled upon this website on accident when an ad was posted on Facebook.  They advertised a very sexy PLUS SIZED bathing suit on clearance for $11.84 so I just HAD to check out the site.  I found a great selection of casual and evening wear and of course BATHING SUITS for an up and coming event.  The online fascination began.  

HOWEVER, I would wait 30 days to get an update on my order status, and find out that they were unable to ship the item.  NO BATHING SUIT for me!!  This is EXTREMELY disappointing to take my money, and wait so long to notify me that I won't be receiving the product.  Now the event is just weeks away, and here I am scrambling to find another one similar to go with all the accessories I bought for this one!  

The BIGGEST issue I have with their business, is that instead of refunding my money, they offer an "exchange of equivalent value" OR refund to your "NastyDress wallet."  They basically FORCE you to have to buy another item from their website instead of refunding to the original payment source.  I want my money back, not another sorry attempt to buy from your website.

Needless to say, there is a reason their prices are so cheap and NO SHIPPING.  They get your money, hold it and fail to send you the item you purchase.  

No bueno NastyDress!!  You won't be getting anymore of MY business!! 

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