Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We wear it well!

Often times, the image that we see of ourselves can be negatively affected by society and the public's ridicule of our size.  Unfortunately, many beautiful women are damaged by such humiliation and spend countless amounts of money trying to conform their body to meet the standards of the public for hopes of being "accepted."  It's an epidemic.

The ladies you see in this post, are women who have accepted who they are regardless of their size and embraced their curves with pride.  They represent our community with class, elegance and a true meaning of SELF CONFIDENCE.  It takes a lot of balls to do what they do, and I have the utmost respect for them.

As an admirer, and a confident woman myself, it is my life mission to help others feel good about themselves and find a way to unite us as beautiful women.  Luckily for me, I've been blessed to meet Chrystal, owner and operator of Curvy Girl Lingerie, the first and only plus sized lingerie store in the world!

What is unique about this place?  It's an actual LOCATION!  Most plus sized boutiques are inside of other stores or locations but not usually a free standing business such as Curvy Girl Lingerie.  Unique in itself, the experience is also one of which draws attention and deserves mention.  The owner is readily available to consult with face to face during your shopping experience.  

Whether shopping for something specific to spice up your home life or simply looking to change up your style, this is the place for you if you are in the San Jose, California area.  

They are having a Fashion Show June 8, 2014.  Make sure to go check it out!  

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