Saturday, April 26, 2014

Too sexy for myself!

XL Bikini from Target

I was dared to buy this bathing suit on clearance being an XL and then dared to wear it on a public beach.  One thing you will learn about me, NEVER dare me to do anything!  Not only did I wear it... I let my tummy hang out and did an impromptu photo shoot!  

It's not easy having the confidence to step out into a world of judgement knowing that all eyes are on you, making insulting comments and disgusted at your ability to be comfortable in your own skin.  It takes tough skin to say "Forget you people I AM HAPPY with myself!!"  

Nonetheless, I do this for the people out there who look to me for inspiration and the motivation to love their own bodies.  It is quite an honor to have women from all over the world email me with comments expressing how much I've helped change some girls lives by simply being myself and having the courage to show my body.

I hope that one day, EVERYONE can have confidence to love their bodies, and themselves!  

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