Saturday, April 26, 2014

Make Up Reviews - E.L.F., Mac, NYX and Mary Kay

Let's begin with the best products, being the E.L.F. line.  

We will start with the ELF mineral foundation primer.  Being one of the least expensive primers I've found, it's definitely at the top of my favorites.  It feels very light on your skin, and with 2 pumps you get full face coverage, leaving a long lasting bottle and several months of usage.  I really love this product and the more ELF products I purchase, the more I am impressed with their make up line.  This is a MUST have!  

Next is the flawless eyeshadow pallet in "Beautiful Browns"  I love the colors, and even more so I love the way these colors appear on your eye lid and blend well.  I have been using Physicians Formula Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eye Shadow, Baked Sands 3692 for years but had a hard time finding it in retail stores for the last few months.  My daughter gave this to me so I decided to give it a try and fell in love!  The colors are similar, although I love the bronze from the ELF pallet more.  The trick I've been using is putting the mineral foundation primer on my eyelid and concealer over my bottom lid.  It really makes this pop! 

I also use the ELF Little Black Book with a variety of my favorite eye shadow colors in a travel friendly package that makes taking this anywhere I go so convenient.  I found this at a PA department store and have enjoyed the selection of colors as well as the quality of the shadow.  Often times you get these large color variety pallets only to find that the colors don't stay on long or the bright colors aren't really that bright.  Truly disappointing and a waste of money.  This is WELL worth EVERY penny!

The last of the ELF products but certainly not the least is the ELF Black Liquid Liner.  I don't know if I am just picky or if perhaps there are a lot of cheap brands out there with watered down versions of liquid liner but this is my new favorite.  I previously used the Almay version and when I ran out, and couldn't find it at the few stores I looked, I ended up getting an LA Colors version to hold me over.  GARBAGE.  Hated it.  

Once again, my daughter gave me this ELF version that impressed me beyond my expectation.  The brush is perfect allowing an easy glide across your eye lid.  The liquid doesn't bleed, and is long lasting.  With one swift brush, you can have the look you are seeking.  


Next is the NYX products starting with the eye pencil in "Milk" which serves for several purposes.  As seen here, I used it as a primer for my eyeshadow to give my Urban Decay colors more of a pop.  I also used it in my bottom inner eye lid to draw a bigger eye effect.  

The NYX lip color Deep Red 511 is great.  It's real hard finding the color red I seek for my classy pin up looks but this color definitely gave me the closest to what I am looking for.  

My Mac NC-25 Studio Tech Foundation is amazing!  I'd tried a few other brands hoping to find a cheaper solution to long lasting good coverage foundation but never could find one. I top it with Mary Kay Mineral Foundation powder to set my make up and LOVE the final look.  

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