Monday, April 21, 2014

Bathing Suit Beauty

These are a little more revealing than usual, however they show just how confident you can be in a bathing suit.  For many, big and small alike, wearing a bathing suit is a huge ordeal.  For some, they will never know what it's like as they refuse to try one on, purchase a bathing suit or ever take the chance at wearing one in public.  

I found this blog post < > where many points are brought up and enlighten the reasons behind such anxiety.  I remember a day when wearing a bathing suit, was a stressful feeling and I spent the ENTIRE time worried about what people were thinking, saying and ultimately what it looked like to those who saw.  What should've been fun times as a child, were spent as a prisoner of my lack of confidence and clear body shame that I had experienced before.

When I was younger, the word FAT was probably one of the most hurtful words I remembered hearing.  The word caused me years of agony, and torture within myself.  This word made looking at myself in the mirror a tragedy and developed an internal self abuse that I would fight for many years to come.

Those days are gone.  About 10 years ago, I finally saw the light and realized this is the body I was blessed to have.  It was time I learn to accept it and ultimately LOVE it.  What a relief it is to finally feel comfortable within my own skin and more so, wear a bathing suit with PRIDE!  

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