Sunday, December 1, 2013

Love your FAT!!

These photos are to represent the love I have for my body, my curves and my body fat.  I could let my over-weight condition keep me from enjoying life, however, I've chosen to embrace my fate and enjoy my life.  Does this mean I am going to avoid efforts to be healthier?  No.  Am I going to live healthier by not obsessing about losing weight?  Yes.  Will I allow others to judge me and attempt to insult me with fraudulent concern for my size and health?  No.  

Loving my body and accepting this is who I am is not a "coping" method.  It's simply realizing that even thin, fit people are unhealthy with mental anguish, lack of self esteem, and internal self abuse with constant obsessing over their weight and appearance.  Being fat isn't the worst thing that could happen to me, although MANY people in our world believe that it is.  Sadly, that in itself is a form of self abuse.  

People that are healthy are at risk of getting cancer, diabetes and other fatal conditions.  It annoys me that people automatically assume that you are unhealthy based on your size.  Do a lot of obese people have diabetes?  Yes.  But, diabetes runs in my family and they are ALL height and weight proportionate.  

I am confident and secure, and this is something that even some of the most physically fit, outwardly beautiful and attractive people lack. I am PROUD of who I am, every pound, every fat roll, every curve.  I can only hope that others can see that happiness doesn't lie behind a perfect number, but within by self acceptance and love.  

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