Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Casual wear for lightly brisk weather

I firmly believe that you can be confident at any size.  Seen here, I am 263 having lost a total of 22 lbs naturally,  Actually, stress was the cause of my sudden and rapid weight loss having undergone major life changes without notice and totally dramatic.  Nonetheless, whether I am 263 or 363, I am beautiful, curvy and confident. 
In this outfit, I take a pair of Wal-Mart capri leggings in a salmon color, a thin sweater top and polo boots.  An easy outfit that shows off my curves and gently cover as it was slightly brisk outside.  I was totally going for the comfy look too! 
You can purchase these leggings by clicking HERE
For the boots, although they may not be on the site anymore since they were purchased a couple of years ago, they were purchased from FAMOUS FOOTWEAR

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