Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New changes

It's been since 2002 that I've been blogging, doing tutorial videos, and simply establishing my online persona so to speak. I've neglected this blog tremendously, and I apologize. My recent split with my blog partner has me lost and for a while I was completely unmotivated however, since a recent opportunity has presented itself and opened new doors for me.

To give you a brief synopsis from the last few years of blogging, we've toured the U.S. attending various plus size events and clubs. We wrote about our experiences, gave reviews and provided an unbiased review of their establishment. I learned a lot to say the least, aside from having a blast with some great people around the U.S. My partner has changed her life, lost weight and no longer wishes to be affiliated with the plus size community. Best of luck to her!

What's next for me? I don't know where to begin. I met with a clothing construction specialist a few weeks ago to get an idea of how to start my custom vintage and stylish plus size line. My inspiration to start my line derived from online shopping where the fashions were advertised as PLUS SIZED however, the model was a smaller framed young lady. My line will be customized for plus sized women, modeled by plus sized women and featured for plus sized women. I think it's extremely discerning to not see how the items will look on a larger woman. Not a slightly overweight individual, a LARGER woman much like the women likely to buy these very items.

I hope one day to be featured in Plus Size Fashion week! Good news is I will be going this year. I am working on more details and even registered to attend the K-Mart sponsored blogger brunch. Cross your fingers they pick me to attend! Nonetheless, I want to see first hand history in the making where plus sizes are given their own platform to be seen and recognized in our community. Plus size fashion week takes place June 16-18th more information can be found on their official website HERE

I have also submitted my business proposal for a plus sized consignment shop here in Jacksonville, FL.  There is currently one in the San Marco area, however the fashion caters to the older generation.  I want something more stylish, and hip.  Something like Plato's Closet but features plus sizes only.  With my modeling connections, I have obtained several closests full of clothing for retail purposes.  More details to follow when they are finalized!  Now it's time to find the perfect location, location, location! 

I will be attending a website management/marketing convention in San Francisco following fashion week in NY.  I know, a LONG flight from one side to the other but a very informative networking weekend with seminars to sharpen my skills.  I enjoy these nerdy kind of events! 

More to come soon!  Stay tuned... and Kris Alls Radio will return in the summer!