Thursday, May 15, 2008

So the first OFFICIAL show was tonight and went SOOOOOO well! I weighed myself online for the formal weigh in and I came in at 264 which is 3 lbs less than I started out and I haven't even been doing anything. No, I haven't started the wellness management plan yet! I am going to do the measuring and weight check in next week Wed May 21st and should have started the new regiment. ok, so you have to check out the show we had tonight! Denny Live (comedian who can be found called in out of no where and made the show SUPER hot! Ofcourse my co-hose Jen made her debut and rocked the house. It was a late show 11pm est but still ROCKED! We talked about so many different things... went WAY off topic - but kept the conversation interesting nonetheless. Mentioned the new artist highlight and feature capabilities... and the appauling 911 call that had me enraged! Next show is Saturday 11am Arlington side of town in Jacksonville, FL. A portion of the proceeds go to Pace Center for Girls as well as items being donated to less fortunate girls in placement housing. Yard sale starts @ 8am and goes on til it can't be gotten any longer!
I am working on a cookbook so if you have recipes to add to this multi-cultural book of feasts email them to me at That wraps up today's show! Til next time.... dream on!

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