Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My introduction entry

I am taking a huge chance by doing this, but nonetheless I think it is for the right reasons and with good cause. This will be the official blog for my weight loss/wellness management progress, eating diary, and change of habits. You can read everything for yourself, along with video diaries that will be submitted weekly as well, to document closely my progress on this new plan which shall remain nameless for now. Daily weigh in's will give you an accurate daily weight change whether be gain or loss. A series of questions will be asked daily to also assess the alleged progress of this program. I have been overweight all my life and have tried every fad diet and weight loss scam out there. From forced strained exercising to drastic eating habit changes and diet pills - you name it, I have tried it. So far nothing seems to work, and being 33 it is going to be harder as I get older to lose the weight. A friend of mine introduced me to this new product that everyone in her group claims works and works well. Skeptical, I decided to check into it and it seems legit. I have now decided to try it, but with the help of YOU my online supporters.

Here are the questions I will answer frequently:

My current weight:
My goal weight:
Length of time to lose:
Body fat %:
Loss goal %:
Pant Size:
Goal pant size:
Bra Size:
Goal bra size:
Shirt Size:
Goal shirt size:
Panty Size:
Goal panty size:

This begins Thursday May 15th OFFICIALLY!
Thanks for taking the time to read this! :) Fat & Friendly ~ Kris

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