Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Enthusiastic.... to say the least

Okay.... starting with missed entries over the weekend - Saturday's yard sale wasn't as much of a success as we had hoped but nonetheless we had fun! We are rescheduling to hold another one at a different location with more advance advertising and tons more donated items. Proceeds are donated to Pace Center for Girls. Sunday was pretty relaxed... which led into a VERY long and busy Monday. Ofcourse I had to touch my feet at the job from 8am to 2pm, got off and ran some errands before getting all cute and professional for the Elements training with Nick and Pete. The energy was AMAZING... the testimonials were touching and the vibe was beyond motivating to get on top and FAST! I learned alot from this training, although I will say this... I WAS SOOOOOOOO hungry! I hadn't eaten ANYTHING all day~ bad habit I know but I was SO busy I didn't stop to eat. I found myself @ Mc D's (the epitamy of evil) where I ate a chicken club combo w/Dr Pepper. I know... what the hell was I thinking? I wasn't apparently because at today's weigh in I GAINED 13 lbs! 277 was the scale verdict and I couldn't be MORE disappointed myself. DO I let this discourage me? No, I use this as motivation to stay on top of my goals, plans and committments. The exercise MUST start ASAP no excuses! I can't wait to get my shipment of the SUPER product that is legend for being an all health promoting product for full body healthiness. Today, I skipped breakfast and worked a 13 hr shift stopping only at noon to get sushi. I did grab a snack around 3ish (a snickers and mini sausage & cheese) but drank TONS of water all day. Later that evening I had TGI Fridays Jack Daniels flat iron steak, mashed potatoes and brocolli & cheese. Yummmy but the timing was AWFUL! 9pm to eat? Shame times 2 Kris!

Goal for Wednesday: Eat 3 meals a day, no starving

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