Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Make time tonight @ 9pm est to tune into FAT FRIENDLY RADIO


I have ALOT in store - Guest MUSIC interview with SLO-POKE (

I will need some callers to call in - discuss the following topics:
1.6 steps on how to break up with someone "nicely"
2.Healthcare issues in our nation & how the Presidential campaign can effect healthcare
3.Pet Peeves - what are some things the get on YOUR nerves
Open advice from MAILBOX - Dear Kris
~~open mic for talented individuals ~ call in sing karaoke, rap, rhyme poetry, or whatever talents you have - whacky or not... 646 716 6371
--- Going to give out information on what's happening in Jacksonville this weekend if you plan to be in town ---

Last Wednesday we had comedian DENNY LIVE call in and we acted a fool for almost the entire hour!! TUNE IN... CALL IN 646 716 6371 SHOW SUPPORT~Thanks Kris

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