Saturday, May 24, 2008


On a better note, I am getting into better health. This stuff I have been taking is phenominal. I am NOT trying to lose a ton of weight... I repeat - I am NOT trying to lose a bunch of weight. However, I am trying to maintain a healthy living standard that will allow me to be around longer and live HAPPIER! If you want to know HOW I am managing to do that... this summer is going to be full of travel plans and tons of fun!! The weekend of July 18 I will be in Tampa. No other set dates or locations just yet but I will be sure to let you know! The next radio show is to be announced... so stay tuned

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Make time tonight @ 9pm est to tune into FAT FRIENDLY RADIO


I have ALOT in store - Guest MUSIC interview with SLO-POKE (

I will need some callers to call in - discuss the following topics:
1.6 steps on how to break up with someone "nicely"
2.Healthcare issues in our nation & how the Presidential campaign can effect healthcare
3.Pet Peeves - what are some things the get on YOUR nerves
Open advice from MAILBOX - Dear Kris
~~open mic for talented individuals ~ call in sing karaoke, rap, rhyme poetry, or whatever talents you have - whacky or not... 646 716 6371
--- Going to give out information on what's happening in Jacksonville this weekend if you plan to be in town ---

Last Wednesday we had comedian DENNY LIVE call in and we acted a fool for almost the entire hour!! TUNE IN... CALL IN 646 716 6371 SHOW SUPPORT~Thanks Kris

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Enthusiastic.... to say the least

Okay.... starting with missed entries over the weekend - Saturday's yard sale wasn't as much of a success as we had hoped but nonetheless we had fun! We are rescheduling to hold another one at a different location with more advance advertising and tons more donated items. Proceeds are donated to Pace Center for Girls. Sunday was pretty relaxed... which led into a VERY long and busy Monday. Ofcourse I had to touch my feet at the job from 8am to 2pm, got off and ran some errands before getting all cute and professional for the Elements training with Nick and Pete. The energy was AMAZING... the testimonials were touching and the vibe was beyond motivating to get on top and FAST! I learned alot from this training, although I will say this... I WAS SOOOOOOOO hungry! I hadn't eaten ANYTHING all day~ bad habit I know but I was SO busy I didn't stop to eat. I found myself @ Mc D's (the epitamy of evil) where I ate a chicken club combo w/Dr Pepper. I know... what the hell was I thinking? I wasn't apparently because at today's weigh in I GAINED 13 lbs! 277 was the scale verdict and I couldn't be MORE disappointed myself. DO I let this discourage me? No, I use this as motivation to stay on top of my goals, plans and committments. The exercise MUST start ASAP no excuses! I can't wait to get my shipment of the SUPER product that is legend for being an all health promoting product for full body healthiness. Today, I skipped breakfast and worked a 13 hr shift stopping only at noon to get sushi. I did grab a snack around 3ish (a snickers and mini sausage & cheese) but drank TONS of water all day. Later that evening I had TGI Fridays Jack Daniels flat iron steak, mashed potatoes and brocolli & cheese. Yummmy but the timing was AWFUL! 9pm to eat? Shame times 2 Kris!

Goal for Wednesday: Eat 3 meals a day, no starving

Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturday 17th 11am - RADIO SHOW

That's right just a few hours away and I am going to be airing my show LIVE from the charity yard sale.. where donated items and money earned is donated to Pace Center for Girls. I have been busy getting things together for that event. Whew... glad when this is over! LOL - check out the show - email requests, suggestions, topics, comments and/or ideas to

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

So the first OFFICIAL show was tonight and went SOOOOOO well! I weighed myself online for the formal weigh in and I came in at 264 which is 3 lbs less than I started out and I haven't even been doing anything. No, I haven't started the wellness management plan yet! I am going to do the measuring and weight check in next week Wed May 21st and should have started the new regiment. ok, so you have to check out the show we had tonight! Denny Live (comedian who can be found called in out of no where and made the show SUPER hot! Ofcourse my co-hose Jen made her debut and rocked the house. It was a late show 11pm est but still ROCKED! We talked about so many different things... went WAY off topic - but kept the conversation interesting nonetheless. Mentioned the new artist highlight and feature capabilities... and the appauling 911 call that had me enraged! Next show is Saturday 11am Arlington side of town in Jacksonville, FL. A portion of the proceeds go to Pace Center for Girls as well as items being donated to less fortunate girls in placement housing. Yard sale starts @ 8am and goes on til it can't be gotten any longer!
I am working on a cookbook so if you have recipes to add to this multi-cultural book of feasts email them to me at That wraps up today's show! Til next time.... dream on!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My introduction entry

I am taking a huge chance by doing this, but nonetheless I think it is for the right reasons and with good cause. This will be the official blog for my weight loss/wellness management progress, eating diary, and change of habits. You can read everything for yourself, along with video diaries that will be submitted weekly as well, to document closely my progress on this new plan which shall remain nameless for now. Daily weigh in's will give you an accurate daily weight change whether be gain or loss. A series of questions will be asked daily to also assess the alleged progress of this program. I have been overweight all my life and have tried every fad diet and weight loss scam out there. From forced strained exercising to drastic eating habit changes and diet pills - you name it, I have tried it. So far nothing seems to work, and being 33 it is going to be harder as I get older to lose the weight. A friend of mine introduced me to this new product that everyone in her group claims works and works well. Skeptical, I decided to check into it and it seems legit. I have now decided to try it, but with the help of YOU my online supporters.

Here are the questions I will answer frequently:

My current weight:
My goal weight:
Length of time to lose:
Body fat %:
Loss goal %:
Pant Size:
Goal pant size:
Bra Size:
Goal bra size:
Shirt Size:
Goal shirt size:
Panty Size:
Goal panty size:

This begins Thursday May 15th OFFICIALLY!
Thanks for taking the time to read this! :) Fat & Friendly ~ Kris